Challenges and Programs

Coming Soon along with our August Challenge...
ABSolute ABS - Series 2 - Core and Glutes!

Preorder yours today to join in the Challenge for only $24.99!

Join me in a little exercise: Let’s begin at the end. How do you see yourself in 7 days from now? In 4 weeks? How about 6 months from now? Take a moment and visualize you may not have a kettlebell but this can be your first STEP - no kettlebell needed!

This 20 minute guided workout includes abs and cardio exercises that will challenge and progress you, with bonus exercises if you want more! Get started for only $24.99!

Our original no kettlebell abs workout. A 20 minute guided workout including a warmup and cooldown, focussed entirely on your core.

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Okay...Go ahead and sweat it out with these kettlebell exercises that will challenge and engage your core strength!

20 minutes of guided kettlebell exercises, plus a warmup and cooldown included! Get ti now for only $19.99!

Introducing the kettlebell which is particularly good at sculpting a slim waistline because the odd shape causes the weight to be distributed unevenly! Your core muscles are continuously engaged throughout every motion to control the bell’s shifting center of gravity!

This 20 mintue guided workout alternates between kettlebell swings and ab exercises to give you an amazing core workout. Try it now for only $19.99!