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I believe balance is the key to life and finding and being around a positive tribe is essential.

I often have people ask me how I decided to do what I do....how does a stay at home mom of 13 years just go after a dream that is at times larger than life? Well to try to explain it, I'd say I trusted my gut! The core fundamentals of our Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada program is only part of the foundation of our program. The other part is the desire to strengthen people not only physically but mentally through our training, creating an effect that will ripple through our communities strengthening as it grows!

Strong Body ~ Strong Mind

Every Great Accomplishment
starts with a single decision to act

Kettlebell Kickboxing has grown from one of the most popular, sold-out classes in NYC to a world class home fitness and instructor community. The Canadian region has grown the KBKB Canada Brand into a structured class program while launching our first flagship location KBKB Studio. Now, with our new app, you can take us wherever you go! Offering streaming of all of your content, a community of like minded people so you’re never training alone, and the ability to download videos to your device over WiFi so you can train anywhere and anytime, even when you’re not connected! Use the link below to download the app, or find it in the App Store by searching Kettlebell Kickboxing Studio, and don’t forget to turn on your push notifications to stay connected to your KBKB family and we can help keep you motivated.

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KBKB is fantastic! Jodi is the best instructor and makes it easy for me to follow at a beginner level at home. Hightly Recommended!

<p>KBKB Studio</p>, <br/>

Frankie Summerlin

I live 1 1/2 hours from the city so I can’t get to the studio to train so I’m part of Jodi’s online platform. It does not matter your level of fitness there is something for everyone and she breaks things down and gives modifications! So don’t wait around, if you have been looking for a program to help you get fit contact her, you won’t regret it!

<p>KBKB Studio</p>, <br/>

Tanya McCann

"I am an army combat veteran and a 100% disabled veteran. Jodi has adjusted my workouts based around my disabilities and helped me continue to get stronger and also stay physically healthy.I am a certified master trainer in the United States Army and all things suicide prevention and mental resiliency; When I had the privilege to meet Jodi, It was amazing to see what she brings to the table, mentally and emotionally to help people grow and thrive in their life.

<p>KBKB Studio</p>, <br/>

David Arthur

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