I believe balance is the key to life and finding and being around a positive tribe is essential.

I often have people ask me how I decided to do what I do....how does a stay at home mom of 13 years just go after a dream that is at times larger than life? Well to try to explain it, I'd say I trusted my gut! The core fundamentals of our Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada program is only part of the foundation of our program. The other part is the desire to strengthen people not only physically but mentally through our training, creating an effect that will ripple through our communities strengthening as it grows!

Strong Body ~ Strong Mind



Gain unlimited access to our entire fitness library on a monthly basis.



Gain unlimited access to our entire fitness library on an annual basis.

Every Great Accomplishment
starts with a single decision to act

Kettlebell Kickboxing has grown from one of the most popular, sold-out classes in NYC to a world class home fitness and instructor community. The Canadian region has grown the KBKB Canada Brand into a structured class program while launching our first flagship location KBKB Studio! Our home fitness workout program allows you to modify and progress at all levels while still allowing beginners a program to focus on that beginning foundation! Our KBKB Studio has allowed us to evolve to serve you as a safe place to sweat, get real and become a stronger version of you than you could have ever imagined! On our platform you will not only find a training program, but as you grow with us our goal is to evolve with you as we focus on physical and mental well-being so we can grow stronger, individually then in turn grow a strong healthy community!


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