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Membership in our tutorials and both bodyweight and kettlebell beginner programs on a monthly basis.


Beginner Plus Monthly Membership

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Beginner Content :

  • Body Weight Sessions
  • Introductory Kettlebell Kickboxing

Plus :

  • Kettlebell Tutorials
  • LIVE/ON Demand Classes 4x Week
  • Exclusive Training Videos (including mobility)

June Abs/Glute Challenge

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This June Challenge you will have access to train for 4 Weeks: 

  • Cardio/Core Program

  • Glutes/Core Program 

  • Mobility/ Movement Program 

  • BONUS 8 Min ABS Scorcher Challenge

  • BONUS GLUTE BURN Challenge

  • Weekly Email ( Sunday) Recipe (Wednesday)

  • 4 Mindset Meetings Saturday (8:00Am) 30 mins 

NOTE: Content will be added June 3 first email June 4 with Challenge layout! The Plan will be removed July 2, 2023 - this is NOT a monthly charge.  The subscription will be deleted after the month with the contents.


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Subscription to the online training catalog on a yearly basis, plus all three of our Series 1 ABSolute ABS programs and our introductory and summer series. PLUS our NEW Mobility/Movement Program!!