​​Rest, Reset & Restart

Do you feel like on the surface in your life you look like you are handling all of life’s stresses but if you let someone view what’s going on under the surface,  they would see you are struggling to keep it all together….? You just need a Rest to Reset and Restart… a moment and an experience to stand back in your Power!

Join us as we travel to Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa, Mexico, January 8-15, 2023. Fees include airfare, 7 nights all inclusive, roundtrip airport transfers and taxes. (Direct from Regina, Sask) International guests, or anyone NOT flying from Regina, please enquire for dates and prices! Can't wait to meet everyone! :) J

Embrace the Journey - Inquire

​​More Than Just A Kettlebell...

​​Come to Rest, Reset and Restart.

Stand in your space

​​Before you can make any changes, you must first, REST. Stand in your space and understand where you are.

Begin Daily practices

Follow our daily practises to help RESET your habits. Train kettlebell (all levels) mobility, meditation.

Moving Forward

​​No matter where you are in your journey you can RESTART.


We all belong, it is within like minded communities we will flourish!

Flexible pricing

Choose your room. After deposits are made you can choose your room if it is still available! International travellers contact us and we will meet you there! Deposits are non refundable.

price option <p>Deposit (per person)</p>

Deposit (per person)


Save your spot. Choose between Deluxe Garden View/Oceanview/ Ocean Front.

Double or Single Occupancy

Non-refundable deposit due by

September 1, 2022

price option <p><span style="color: var(--hp-color-text, #1b2733);" >Deluxe Garden View </span></p><p><span style="color: var(--hp-color-text, #1b2733);" >(per person)</span></p>

Deluxe Garden View

(per person)

​​Inquire For Pricing

Double Occupancy (Inquire for single) Includes $300.00 non-refundable deposit

price option <p>Oceanview/Front </p><p>(per person)</p>


(per person)

Inquire For Pricing

Double Occupancy (Inquire for single) Includes $300.00 non- refundable deposit

Once you've used one of the links above to secure your spot in our retreat, please download this form, fill it in, and email a copy back to us at info@kettlebellkickboxingcanada.com so we may provide it to our travel agent! If you have only provided a deposit at this time, we will also use the information on the form to confirm your room choices and will contact you with how and when you will need to get us the remainder of your payment. Thank you!

Embrace the Experience - Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa

Mexico - January 8 -15, 2023

In order to restart we must REST, RESET then RESTART.

Embrace the experience and enjoy the journey!